Heavy Duty eDrives

Heavy Duty eDrives

Tailor made bus, truck and heavy duty vehicle solutions

  • 7.5 to 50 ton trucks
  • Tractor units 15-60 ton GCW (gross combination weight)
  • 10.5-24 meter buses

Turnkey system supplier

We're much more than just a supplier of motors and controllers. We provide entire electric drive (eDrive) solutions which are optimized for specific applications in terms of efficiency, performance and cost.

We design tailored solutions to integrate our technology into an OEM’s engineering and production program. We then test and prove the solution to maximize and certify the system efficiency. Put simply, our broad suite of products and services drive OEMs faster to their start of production.


Saietta offers to design a tailored solution to integrate technology into an OEM’s engineering and production program.

Saietta configuration allows for:

  • Zero emission
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High efficiency from the battery to wheel
  • Low noise
  • High driving comfort
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Smart control features
  • Wide scope of applications


Vehicle type GCW Solutions
Bus 10-26T Direct-drive ULF_4K_NoBG_1.png
Truck 7.5-32T Direct-drive & Central Motor Central_Motor_1.png
Tractor 32-50T e-Axle & Central Motor T-14.png
Trailer 10-40T e-Axle & Generator T-14.png