Saietta, a UK-based developer of a novel axial flux electric motor design, which combines both distributed windings with a yokeless stator, is confident that the latest raft of proposed legislation from the UK government banning the sale of pure petrol or diesel cars by 2030 will lead to a boom in demand for its products. As such, it is looking to recruit 250 new workers at its manufacturing facility to meet the expected demand this new legislation will bring.

Having just won a research contract through the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), Saietta will fast-track the production process for its motors. However, Wicher Kist, chief executive officer of Saietta Group, cautioned, “We are ready for the future of transportation by stepping in with modern, lightweight electric motors as traditional internal combustion engines fueled by petrol and diesel reach the end of the road. If the 2030 target is to be met, key decisions on future investment will need to be made quickly so companies like ours realize our full potential. That means more funding from UK government – and quickly.”

The company is also targeting a modular approach to its products, which it hopes will increase their global relevance, producing motors suitable for a range of vehicles from scooters to trucks. For example, it’s first commercial motor offering, the AFT140, is optimized for use in mid-sized motorcycles and final-mile delivery vehicles, which are currently far more numerous in Asian rather than Western markets.

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