September 20, 2022

Saietta showcases fully integrated eDrive technologies at IAA Transportation 2022

  • State-of-the-art electric drive solutions underscore Saietta’s leading expertise in fully integrated eDrive systems
  • Global debut of all-new Central Motor Concept created for OEMs striving to achieve a high-tech systems integration
  • New eAxle Concept – an innovative, advanced and modular drivetrain solution – developed for heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers
  • Axial Flux Technology (AFT) electric motor on show with integrated power electronics, modular gearbox and bespoke axle architecture
  • New AFT in-wheel motor concept previewed
  • Saietta located on stand A52 in Hall 21 at IAA Transportation 2022

Hannover, Germany, 20 September 2022 – Saietta Group plc (Saietta) is showcasing a raft of breakthrough heavy-duty eDrive innovations at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover. Each demonstrates the company’s expertise in fast-track delivery of turnkey solutions for truck and bus OEMs.

An all-new Central Motor Concept makes its global debut. The pioneering package – integrating the motor, power electronics and gearbox – is an optimal all-in-one solution for global truck manufacturers transitioning to zero-emissions.

Also presented for the first time at IAA Transportation is a fully-integrated eDrive solution for lightweight commercial vehicles up to two tonnes. It integrates into a single compact unit Saietta’s acclaimed Axial Flux Technology (AFT) motor, in-house developed power electronics unit, a modular gearbox, and bespoke axle architecture.

A new high-tech AFT in-wheel motor concept and a new eAxle Concept for heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers has also been unveiled for the first time.

Saietta’s significant presence at this year’s edition of IAA transportation – on a 160m2 footprint (booth A52 in Hall 21) – reflects a sustained period of growth over the last 18 months that has seen the business transformed into a full-service eDrive solutions provider for lightweight, heavy-duty and marine applications, while previewing what the near future holds. It is also an encompassing platform dedicated to furthering the discussion and advancement of sustainable mobility solutions across the commercial vehicle landscape.

“This is the first time that Saietta is exhibiting at the IAA Transportation show, but a major part of our business has been here many times before,” said Wicher (Vic) Kist, Saietta’s Chief Executive Officer.

“In late 2021, we acquired and integrated the well-established e-Traction business into Saietta Group. Now known as Saietta Heavy Duty eDrive (HDE), the addition of its technologies, facilities and talented people has been transformational for the group. Crucially, we’ve worked hard with our new colleagues to unlock its untapped potential to apply their expertise in the development of turnkey solutions for the heavy truck market.

Edgar Ooijman, Chief Commercial Officer, for Saietta HDE, added: “Society has become completely reliant on the daily deliveries and services carried out by lightweight and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. But it’s no longer acceptable for these vehicles to pollute our cities – the places we call home – with noisy diesel engines. Saietta is working with vehicle manufacturers to apply its eDrive solutions to their products, helping them respond to regulatory and societal drivers to rapidly transition to zero emissions commercial transportation.”

As it becomes recognised as a leading supplier of eDrive systems for lightweight and heavy-duty vehicles, Saietta is using IAA Transportation 2022 to showcase its capabilities in developing and delivering fully integrated eDrive technologies.

Central Motor Concept

Saietta’s state-of-the-art Central Motor Concept has been designed to address three core engineering challenges facing heavy-duty commercial vehicle manufacturers: systems integration, optimal packaging and weight reduction.

The Central Motor Concept has been designed as a fully modular, flexible solution. The technology platform can be tailored to specific OEM requirements to deliver optimum peak and continuous power, torque and speed.

In addition to its superior power density, the Central Motor Concept is lighter and more compact than other similar systems. Thanks to the in-built modularity, the package can be carefully ‘right-sized’ to fit specific packaging requirements of each application.

Developed by Saietta’s HDE division in the Netherlands, the innovative Central Motor Concept houses an inverter, cooling system, high-speed motor and a planetary gear fixed-ratio transmission in an optimal all-in-one package.

The inverter is an advanced silicon carbide semiconductor field-effect transistor (SiCFET) type, with a water jacket cooling system. And the high-speed motor is a robust and durable interior permanent magnet (IPM) design.

A number of high-tech components are incorporated into the Central Motor Concept to support vehicle manufacturers seeking complete systems integration. The package includes an integrated oil pump, standardised mounting flange, integrated tachograph sensor, DC HV input connectors and a position sensor assembly.


New heavy-duty eAxle Concept

A high-tech fully integrated eAxle Concept is also being premiered by Saietta at IAA Transportation 2022.

The new eAxle Concept has been developed for heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers that are seeking an innovative, advanced and modular drivetrain solution. The eAxle Concept will seamlessly facilitate OEMs in their mission to transform next-generation products into leading-edge mobility and transportation solutions that are sustainable, clean and emissions-free.

The eAxle Concept benefits from two electric motors – with added gearing – strategically placed back-to-back in the middle of the architecture. Both motors are connected to one wheel hub.

Such an ingenious design maintains the axle’s high torque vectoring capabilities whilst being packaged within the same footprint design as a conventional axle driven by a diesel motor.

As a result, Saietta’s eAxle Concept houses the entire powertrain at the rear of the axle, allowing OEMs the opportunity to make use of the newly acquired space to best suit their individual needs, including the addition of extra batteries and battery cells; a range-extender system; or optimizing cargo capacity.


Fully integrated eAxle for light commercial vehicles

Another solution presented for the first time at IAA Transportation 2022 is a fully integrated eDrive for lightweight commercial vehicle applications up to two tonnes GVW. A re-developed and re-designed AFT140 electric motor is packaged with integrated power electronics, modular gearbox and bespoke axle architecture. This is a plug-and-play eDrive solution that can be rapidly integrated into existing and newly developed light commercial vehicle platforms.

The enhanced AFT electric motor range provides manufacturers of light-duty vehicles with the starting point for the rapid development of a bespoke, fully-integrated eDrive solution.

Netherlands-based Duracar is showcasing its prototype last mile delivery vehicle at IAA Transportation, featuring a Saietta fully-integrated eDrive.


AFT in-wheel motor concept

Saietta is developing a leading-edge in-wheel motor solution targeted for use within the rapidly expanding last-mile delivery vehicle sector. The high-tech design utilises Saietta’s patented AFT motor design to deliver high torque and power at low speeds. The motor, transmission and mechanical brake packages into 15-inch wheel allowing for more space for cargo or passengers.

Saietta’s in-wheel motor technologies offer an ideal solution for vehicle platforms that require maximum space efficiency by pushing the eDrive outboard into the wheel envelope. Such a configuration suits last mile e-commerce delivery and refuse collection vehicles, and autonomous people carriers.


Software application

An advanced in-house-developed Saietta Electric Drive Diagnostics (SEDD) software application featuring full diagnostic and calibration eDrive system capabilities is also being demonstrated at IAA Transportation 2022. The upgraded SEDD has been designed to provide engineering teams with several layers of functionality, including engineering level, OEM level and service level development processing, ensuring that the eDrive system can be seamlessly tailored to meet the individual needs of clients and development programs.

Momentum in eMobility

Saietta is participating at IAA Transportation 2022 following a successful and sustained recent period of significant growth.

The business successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market in July 2021.

Shortly after disclosing its 12-month results, Saietta successfully concluded an over-subscribed funding round that resulted in new investment totalling £23m.

The company has also secured major new contracts with global OEMs in the heavy duty vehicle market.


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