Saietta Electric Drive Solutions

Saietta is listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM. It's a multi-national business which designs, engineers and manufactures complete Light Duty and Heavy Duty electric drive (eDrive) systems for electric vehicles on land from scooters to buses (vehicle categories L, M, N and T) as well as marine applications.

Saietta has engineered breakthrough electric motor technology including proprietary AFT (Axial Flux Technology) and RFT (Radial Flux Technology) which can be combined with in-house power electronics, powertrain controls, mechanical axles and transmissions. The designs are unique and modular, delivering both high and low voltage eDrive solutions. Saietta’s difference lies in its ability to conceive powertrain solutions tailored to deliver competitive advantage and its turnkey engineering services designed to fast-track electric vehicle manufacturers from concept to start of production.

To demonstrate the outstanding attributes of the AFT technology, the Company has also founded its own next-generation marine propulsion division Propel (www.propel.me) which delivers solutions for boating in the electric era that support the transition to decarbonization and clean mobility on waterways.