All forms of transport are rapidly transitioning to electric propulsion, driven by tough global legislation to combat global warming and chronic air pollution in mega cities. As engineers we are eager to – and firmly believe that we can – contribute to finding solutions for the global challenges we face in mobility. It’s our purpose to create the most efficient electric drivetrain solutions which will maximise the positive impact on our environment and natural resources, improve quality of life in urban areas and become an economically attractive alternative form of vehicle propulsion.

Saietta is well placed to be a leader in the revolution, providing highly innovative electric drivetrain solutions. We're expanding rapidly and need more high quality team members. We're searching for people with the in-depth knowledge required to optimize solutions for clients. It's also very important that all new recruits share our passion, drive and enthusiasm for all things electric and are fun to work with! We manage the whole selection process in-house rather than through recruitment agencies. Please take a look at the open positions below.

Senior Systems Safety Engineer

  • Silverstone, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Permanent