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Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Saietta Developed Software and Controls Interface

The Saietta Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) has been developed for lightweight vehicles in order to further simplify integration.

The Saietta VCU is capable of controlling vehicle operations such as;

  • Driver inputs - including pedal, handbrake & gear selector
  • Vehicle cooling - including pump and fan control
  • Motor Controller Unit (MCU) interface
  • Battery Management System (BMS) interface
  • Instrument cluster interface
  • Plus many more

Saietta VCU481 IO List

2x CAN 2.0/CAN-FD
2x 5 V Reference Outputs

Analogue Inputs

Pull Up resistors can be Configured in Vehicle

Can be Used with Interrupt Edge-Detection

6x Digital Inputs with Interrupt Edge-Detection
2x PWM Inputs
6x Low Side Outputs, 1.5 A Continuous, PWM 1 Hz-5 KHz
2x Low Side Outputs, 2.5 A Continuous, PWM 1-100 Hz
2x High Side Outputs, 1 A Continuous, PWM 1 Hz-1 kHz

In Addition to the Standard Module Feature Set:

7-18 V Input
Power Supply from KL30 with KL15 Wake
Fully Sealed Enclosure
Ambient Operating Range  -4 to +85°C

UDS Diagnostics Interface with a Standard Workshop Scan Tool

Diagnostics Codes Customised to Each Application

Custom Driver-Torque-Demand Filtering Calibration

Response Tailored to Customer Requirements

Hardware Designed to ASIL C

Relevant applications

2 Wheel

3 & 4 Wheel

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