About Us

The Saietta approach is the polar opposite of ‘one size fits all’


Macro Context

All forms of transport are rapidly transitioning to electric propulsion, pushed by global legislation to combat climate change and pulled by consumer demand for healthier, cost effective mobility. The global automotive industry is in a period of unprecedented disruption. Speed to market for new electric vehicles (EVs) is hugely important to manufacturers but market share gain for first movers will only be defensible long term if their EVs are underpinned by insightful technology which delivers a competitive advantage.

Saietta’s Core Driver

Saietta provides highly innovative, flexible electric drivetrain (eDrive) products and services, guided by deep insight into the requirements of clearly defined target markets. Having the courage to continuously challenge conventional thinking is key to the approach because it’s this that delivers real innovation and hence competitive advantage for clients. By doing this, Saietta helps make a step-change improvement in the air quality of mega-cities around the globe.



Saietta Product Flexibility

Saietta recognises that EV manufacturers want a brand-appropriate competitive advantage and that flexibility in the product offering is crucial to being able to deliver this. EV manufacturers are therefore free to select the components from the Saietta product portfolio which are right for them from just the motor with integrated inverter all the way up to a complete eAxle. Saietta has also designed lots of flexibility into the core eDrive components, enabling it to be quickly and cost effectively tailored to a client’s specific application, thereby providing a competitive advantage.

Saietta Product Breadth

Saietta’s approach is demonstrated well by the eDrive product portfolio for 3 wheel (3W) rickshaws and 4 wheel (4W) urban delivery vehicles. The company recognises that EV manufacturers want a complete suite of eDrive components engineered to work efficiently together rather than having to source components through a range of suppliers and them having to optimise the eDrives themselves. The Saietta product portfolio for this market segment includes an axial-flux motor with integrated inverter, a modular gearbox and a solid rear axle.



Saietta Service Flexibility

Saietta works in a highly collaborative way with clients, driven by a strong belief that the key to delivering at pace is partnership. Saietta’s engineering team takes time to work with a client to really understand their brand, the market sector they are addressing, the competition and the services they require. Then Saietta develops a bespoke suite of products and services which fast-tracks the client to start of production with eDrive solutions which are unique to them and deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.