About us

About us

Saietta’s unique solutions for the electric era

All forms of transport are rapidly transitioning to electric propulsion, pushed by global legislation to combat air pollution and climate change and pulled by consumer demand for a cleaner, healthier mobility solutions. The global automotive industry is in a moment of unprecedented disruption and vehicle manufacturers are in a race to electrify their product lines with the winners well placed to secure significant additional market share. Saietta’s focus is to speed up transition to electric propulsion for all forms of mobility on land - from scooters to trucks – and on sea, thereby helping to clean up the air in mega-cities around the globe. We have developed a unique range of products and services designed to help vehicle manufacturers win their race to the start of production.

Saietta’s modular product offering

We believe that the optimal product solution for vehicle manufacturers is to offer state-of-the-art, fully integrated electric drive solutions including motors, integrated power electronics, modular gearboxes and bespoke axle architecture. We have invested heavily to engineer one-stop-shop solutions to significantly speed up the vehicle product development process. However, we recognise that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and that vehicle brands are looking for a competitive advantage. Our unique approach is heavily focused towards providing flexible applications engineering services to deliver bespoke product solutions.

Saietta’s modular service offering

We’ve also developed a modular suite of turnkey services to support manufacturers throughout their vehicle product development process. These include upfront market research and product definition, CAE & simulation, eMotor electrical & mechanical integration, prototype build and vehicle testing on our private test tracks. Saietta has centres of excellence for motor and inverter development in both the heart of motorsport valley in Silverstone and in the Netherlands, with over 200 highly experienced eMobility specialists … and we’re growing fast.

Saietta’s modular manufacturing solution

We offer clients a range of manufacturing solutions. When we develop unique eDrives for clients, we design the production process and prove it in pilot production. The client then has the option of being supplied from one of Saietta’s production hubs around the world or lifting the production process and manufacturing under license next to their vehicle assembly line with a local supply chain. The first two manufacturing hubs are now being commissioned in Sunderland, UK and in India through Saietta VNA which is a JV with an established Tier 1 supplier to Asian automotive manufacturers. More hubs will follow.

Saietta’s contrarian approach

The traditional supplier approach is ‘inside-out’ i.e. “here’s the standard products and services we offer, do you want them?” We recognise that vehicle brands want bespoke products and services from development partners and our contrarian approach is ‘outside-in’. We take time to work with a client to really understand their brand, the market sector they are addressing, the competition and the services they require. We then develop a bespoke package of products and services which help them win their race to production and deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

In short, we strive to deliver the right products and services, through the right people and competences, at the right time.